The House


The goal of a palliative care home is to offer end-of-life services in an atmosphere of compassion and respect. Palliative care promotes the quality of life of those in the terminal phase by providing care centered on relief from both physical and psychological suffering.

La Traversée

The quality of the care given, in respecting the wishes of the person in end-of-life, will be a priority in every sector of our services. The support of the caregivers, families and friends will be strengthened by a dedicated and professional staff in a warm and welcoming home where the patient and loved ones will have the chance to live fully this natural stage of life which we call death.

For those caregivers who choose to live the end-of-life stage with their loved one in their own home, it is possible for us to provide for respite care, welcoming the patient at La Traversée for a few days.


  • Ten welcoming and comfortable rooms for the patient and his/her loved ones;
  • Bathrooms equipped with therapeutics baths ;
  • A pharmacy ;
  • A dining room ;
  • Lounge areas for family and friends;
  • Meeting rooms.


  • Healthcare ;
  • Psychological support ;
  • Meals ;
  • Laundry.


  • Doctors ;
  • Nurses and nurse assistants ;
  • Patient attendants ;
  • Specially trained volunteers.



In order to qualify for admission, the patient must be in the terminal phase of cancer or other chronic illness with a prognonis of less than 3 months to live.

The request must be filed by the patient’s doctor, whether it be from home, from the hospital or from a seniors residence.

All healthcare and services are offered free of charge without discrimination with respect to social status, language, age or religion.

The patient must be a resident of the area or have a family member living in the sector covered by the Centre intégré de santé et des services sociaux (CISSS).