In 2012, following a redistribution of the mandates at Palliaco, an organization offering support to cancer patients and their caregivers, certain members decided to concentrate their efforts on creating a home for palliative care for the residents of the Laurentian area. It was at that moment that La Fondation La Traversée began its activities in order to concentrate of this main objective.

Over the past years, the Fondation has studied several options and diverse opportunities in the area. In 2016, an offer was made to the Fondation which meets two important criteria. A decision was made to accept this offer.:

  • The city of Mont-Tremblant offered the Fondation a building valued at approximately $1 million.
  • The building is located in the center of the area to be serviced, thereby meeting the strategic aspect of the project.

Now, in 2017, the Fondation La Traversée is ready to move on to the next step – the realization of the project!


Mission and philosophy
Accompagnement fin de vie

Our Mission

The mission at la Maison La Traversée is to offer quality palliative care by a team of attentive workers, free of cost, for adults in the end of life stage. Our mission is to welcome each person in end of life into an environment that is reassuring, warm and familiar in order to allow that person to spend his last days peacefully, surrounded by his loved ones.

Our Philosophy

Human dignity is something that is inalienable. At la Maison La Traversée, we believe that each human being, regardless of his condition, without discrimination, is worthy of dignity throughout his entire life.

It is in keeping with this premise that we adapt the care offered to our patients. With the loss of certain bodily functions and one’s autonomy brought on by terminal illness, the person in end of life may feel that he is losing a part of his humanity, his dignity. Therefore, at la Maison La Traversée, we firmly believe that through actions and words, both verbal and non-verbal, motivated by the desire to preserve this humanity, this uniqueness and integrity, we are able to offer support for a gentle and peaceful death in the greatest of human dignity.

At the very heart of our philosophy is the individual freedom of each of our patients. We hope to give back to the person in end of life the freedom to decide, in collaboration with his close relations and the team of healthcare workers, which care he would like to receive according to his own beliefs, values and limitations. La Maison La Traversée will accept demands for medically assisted death, without, however, promoting this option.
Just as is birth, death is a passage, a crossing-over – une traversée.

Our Values

Listening is the basis of our support for the patient and his family. Attentive and sensitive listening allows us to truly and sincerely understand the needs and demands of the patient and his loved ones.

Respect for the patient in his entirety. La Maison La Traversée respects the values, beliefs, limitations, doubts and fears of each patient. It is through the respect for the human being in front of us that we are able to accompany and offer personalized assistance to the patient and his loved ones through the end of life process.

Compassionis a value that animates each of the players at la Maison La Traversée. The ability to perceive and feel the suffering of others, that of the patient and his family, in order to attempt to alleviate this suffering, is at the heart of our approach and our heathcare services.

Professionalism within the team of healthcare workers. Every person working at la Maison La Traversée strives to offer, in a spirit of collaboration with loved ones and volonteers, the best, most complete and highest quality healthcare for the patient in order to assure that his time spent in our home is the most peaceful possible.

Working together , allows us to achieve great things, to overcome difficulties, to surpass ourselves. La Maison La Traversée is a community project that calls for a common and shared effort. The actions and ideas of all, no matter how small, contribute to the success of this project.



Conseil d’administration de la Fondation La Traversée